What about therapy on my own?

Clients often wonder if they should attend therapy alone, or with a partner or family member.

Depending on your therapeutic goals, there are benefits to individual therapy.  People often come alone to work with:

·       Depression

·       Anxiety

·       Grief

·       Trauma

·       Stress

·       ADHD

·       Behavioral Addiction*

·       Work/school issues . . . and so on.

What will we do in therapy?

We will explore your issues and customize treatment to your needs.  Your goals become my goals!  We will explore different options and points of view, and help with accountability to make your progress effective and long-lasting.

Most of the individual work I use draws heavily from Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS).  Don't let that name fool you!  This therapy is about working with the family of "parts" that often operate inside of use, that cause or contribute to our inner turmoil. 

When would I consider relationship therapy?

We can work make great progress with just the two of us!  Sometimes, if the situation allows, we may discuss bringing others into your sessions on a limited basis, to help support your progress.  But this will always be your decision.

If your issue is rooted in your current relationships, such as those with a spouse or romantic partner, we will explore whether or not couples/marital therapy is best for your situation.  Research shows that trying relationship therapy with just one partner in the room is not only not-effective, but can be counter-productive.  If the relationship needs the treatment, it's often best to consider bringing the relationship into the room.

*I generally do not work with clients working on active substance abuse addictions.  This often requires the specialized care of a Substance Abuse Counselor or other treatment options.  I often work with clients on other issues related to past issue tied to the substance abuse, especially the recovery of relationships after a substance problem has been addressed.  And, I can help refer clients to the right treatment options.

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